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Bryan has been a professional personal trainer for over twenty two years with a ravenous appetite for research in all aspects of human performance.

His focus is helping people of all ages, conditions, and starting points to achieve LIFESTYLE FITNESS through his fully customized coaching fitness and nutrition plans.

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How has training with Bryan affected me? Simple, it has helped me radically change my life. At age 56 I was well into middle age, working non-stop. I weighed about 230 at 5’-8” with about 30% body fat. I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, kidney stones, gout, and the beginnings of a lot of other ailments.

I realized that if I wanted to live an active, healthy life, I would have to make serious changes, I did workout and “diet” on my own and achieved some small success but hit a plateau quickly. At which point I knew I needed help to progress. Bryan Barth is a trainer at the gym I go to and stood out for one significant reason. The people he trained changed, made gains in their looks, strength, and health. His clients did not go on month after month, year after year looking and performing the same.

He showed them how to make a difference. I have trained with Bryan Barth for 5 years, added muscle, look great, and most important through his guidance on strength training, nutrition, and cardio, I am off all medications. My blood pressure, cholesterol, strength, and general fitness are excellent. And my body fat is at 9% and we’re working on that. Taking responsibility for my life and training with Bryan Barth are two of the most important and rewarding decisions of my life.



I started training with Bryan several months ago. I decided to train with him to help me reach my final fitness goals. I have always worked out but had slacked. Several years ago I committed again and in those years I lost the weight and inches and gained the muscle I wanted. However, I had hit the proverbial plateau. I was still working out but the sculpting I was looking for was not there. In the months I have been working with Bryan he has been working on my nutrition as well and I am seeing the results I am looking for. His techniques and knowledge are outstanding.

I am 40 and have had many injuries to my knees ankles and shoulders. Bryan through the use of light weight, high reps, different angles and changing speeds on reps has been putting me through workouts that are both intense but strangely fun. Additionally the techniques that I am learning from Bryan I have been able to incorporate back into my own workouts and the results are what I want. If you want to have somebody prove they can kick your but with a five lbs weight. Try Bryan.



I have trained with Bryan Barth for the better part of 15 years twice a week during that time. He has been instrumental in helping me gain and retain lean muscle mass along with increasing my metabolism and strength. My endurance and cardiovascular system has had a dramatic increase along with quicker recovery from workouts and even minor injuries.

The training I have received from Bryan over this period has not only made a huge difference physically but also mentally by building my confidence and overall health and sense of well being. I would recommend his training regimen and techniques to anyone who truly wants to achieve optimal results.



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