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 My Mission.

Bryan Barth has been a professional personal trainer for over twenty two years, and a certified nutritionist for 18 years as well, with a ravenous appetite for research in all aspects of human performance.

His focus is helping people of all ages, conditions, and starting points to achieve LIFESTYLE FITNESS through his fully customized coaching fitness and nutrition plans. All at the convenience of an Online Platform.

Are you ready to CHANGE your LIFE?

Strength Training

This includes thorough evaluation, Bryan will design a Training Program to bring out your weak body parts and educate you on how to break Plateaus and help you reach optimal results that meet your goal in the shortest amount of time!

Health & Nutrition

The diet is maximized for you to reach your Fitness Goal. It’s not a low carb diet, or a low fat diet. It’s balanced with all the right foods that your body NEEDS at the right time, so your body is continually in a Fat Burning State!

Contest Prep

Whether you’re a first-time NPC Competitor who has never walked on a stage before, or a seasoned IFBB Pro looking to win a Pro Show to qualify for Mr. Olympia, Bryan can get it done!

The Gym


Bryan Barth

Personal Trainer & Nutrition Specialist

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